What is SEO?

What is SEO?

You have a website for your business, you think it looks good, but its not creating any sales or conversions. When you search for the keywords you think it should rank for, you don’t show up in the Google results. You’ve asked 10 different so called “experts” and got 10 different answers. They all say you need SEO. They use words like “Content”, “Keywords”, “Meta Data”, “Schema”, “Structured Data” and “Backlinks” but none of them could give you a clear explanation.  Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

It is important to remember that when Google evaluates your website, they look at more than 200 factors. This can be really confusing. An easy way to look at search engine optimization is to place those factors into 3 basic categories…

  • Technical SEO – These are the behind the scenes factors. Here are a few examples, but there are many more. How fast does your page load and is it safe / secure? Does your site look right on all available browsers and devices?
  • On-Page SEO Factors – This looks at the content on your site… is it related to what a person is searching for? Do you answer a question or solve a problem for the visitor? Is the site structured properly?
  • Off-Page SEO Factors – This is what other people and websites think of your website. It looks at things like how people engage with your site on social media, what websites link to yours and local information that will help people find you.

SEO & The User Experience

While each of the elements mentioned above has dozens of factors to evaluate, they all have one common theme, does your website deliver a great USER EXPERIENCE (UX)? This is the most important thing that Google considers when it comes to ranking your website. That is what SEO is about.

If you can answer these 3 questions, then the chances are your site will rank well…

  1. Does your website load fast and look good on ALL devices?
  2. Is your content relevant to what the person is searching for?
  3. Do people engage with, recommend and share your content online?

SEO Services

Comprehensive SEO Audit:

This deep dive in to your website leaves no stone un-turned. Our team of SEO experts will look at every aspect of your site, deliver an actionable report & conduct a post- audit call with you and your team.

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SEO Implementation:

Available by the hour ($100/hour) or buy blocks of hours in advance for a discount.

  • 10 hours  $900  ($90/hour – a 10% Discount)
  • 15 hours  $1275 ($85/hour – a 15% Discount)
  • 20+ hours  ($75/hour a 25% Discount)

Search Optimized Content Creation:

We will create keyword optimized text content that will help improve rankings in the search engines and contain calls to action to increase conversions on your site.

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White Hat Link Building:

Our link building team works with our network of publishers to create content for high domain authority sites that will link to your website and help to build your own authority. We adhere strictly to accepted industry practices and never “buy” links.

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